Forensic Economic Damages

Dr. Kenneth Lehrer has been involved in forensic litigation and supporting economic valuation of ‘root cause’ damages for over thirty 30 years. Over his consulting career, Dr. Lehrer has served as a forensic expert in over 1700 cases, on both sides of the aisle throughout the United States in both Federal and State courts.

Based on Dr. Lehrer’s broad base of experience, background and education in the litigation area, Dr. Lehrer is well qualified to undertake forensic economic damage studies and reports in many areas, especially and including:

  • Lost Income Analysis  (Damages and Projections)
  • Lost Profits Analysis  (Business and Personal)
  • Corporate Economic Damage Analysis
  • Presented Discounted Value Analysis
  • Corporate Financial Analysis
  • Corporate Stigma Analysis
  • Due Diligence Analysis
  • Bankruptcy Analysis
  • Business Valuations  (Public and Non-Public)
  • Corporate/Executive Compensation

Dr. Lehrer is available for initial consultation to discuss a case or assignment on the phone or in his offices at no cost, charge, fee, or obligation.

Please call the office at (713)972-7912 or email Dr. Lehrer at