Why Us

  • Knowledgeable about the overall economic fiber and factors affecting business and financial trends in the United States, and how they affect a specific company or industry;
  • Informed about the nation’s capital markets and their effects and influence on an organization or its economic and financial decisions;
  • Conversant with the general economy and fully capable of analyzing a variety of factors that affect a given sector or industry, as well as being a speaker on these subjects;
  • In working with Lehrer Financial, a client works directly with Dr. Lehrer, NOT inexperienced or secondary staff personnel;
  • Dr. Lehrer, in his career, has personally developed a wide range and variety of real estate projects over the past two (2) decades;
  • Experienced in all areas of corporate finance, real estate, healthcare and urban economics, not just a narrow sector in the overall profession;
  • Responsive, informed and capable of responding to additional requests in all areas of real estate, banking, IP, healthcare economics, finance and the future economics of an industry;
  • Responsive to clients and their ongoing needs on a continuous basis;
  • Operated in an efficient and reliable manner with a cost effective framework;
  • The company is capable of integrating the areas of real estate, finance, healthcare, IP, valuations, banking, securities and economics;
  • In addition to practical economic, finance, banking and real estate development experience, Dr. Lehrer has served on the faculty of New York University (1968 – 1970) and served as an Adjunct Professor of Finance at the University of Houston, Graduate School of Business (1984 – 2002), and has served as an adjunct Professor of Finance and Economics at the University of Phoenix – Houston Campus since 2003.


Practice Evolutions

Our privately held company is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was originally founded in 2007 as a Small Business Consulting Firm that has evolved into what is known today as Practice Evolutions, LLC. Practice Evolutions is the first company to offer comprehensive products and services focused primarily on the specialty of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Practice Evolutions is dedicated to helping Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Practices succeed by reducing costs and driving efficiencies. By combining both products and professional services, Practice Evoutions can help practices meet the demands of an ever-changing, ever-challenging healthcare market.