Forensic Economic Damages

Dr. Kenneth Eugene Lehrer has been successfully providing litigation support services in support of the legal community since 1984 in both Federal and State Courts throughout the country. Dr. Lehrer has been “Daubert” qualified and has served as an expert in Economics, Economic Damages (Corporate and Personal), Commercial Banking, Corporate Finance, Credit Analysis, Lost Business Income, Mortgages and Mortgage Financing, Real Estate Analysis, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Foreclosures, Condominium Housing (Dr. Lehrer wrote his Doctoral Dissertation [NYU – 1980] on Condominium and Cooperative Housing) Financial Syndication and Offerings and Debt and Equity Securities.

In many instances, Dr. Lehrer has served as an expert in the same cause of action in more than one area in order to supply required output on a very cost effective basis. One of Dr. Lehrer’s strengths is being able to combine more than one or two specific disciplines, with full court acceptance in order to present current and projected (“future”) damages from the viewpoint of a well qualified Economist, supported by direct area industry experience (real estate, banking, finance, development).

All output is directly undertaken and prepared by Dr. Lehrer and is prepared for Attorneys and Law Firms on an hourly basis. The prior litigation support output of Dr. Lehrer ranges from small personal injury reports to larger more complex multi-faceted litigation that is usually associated with banking, economic analysis/projections, finance and corporate/business economic damages.

Dr. Lehrer has given many depositions and has testified many times in courts of law in the areas listed above. Dr. Lehrer has been involved in the financial sector wherein he has testified for over thirty (30) years, when combined with his broad based education, background, teaching experience (that enables solid and clear jury presentation) and prior litigation assignments, he is well prepared to undertake such engagements and they are undertaken in an effective and cost efficient manner.